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efi2008 committee

2008-05-28 08:09:04 GMT
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In the program I couldnt see any identified slot for lab visits. Do you imply that lab visits can be kept on throughout? The importance of lab visits is to show our facilities to outsiders which will attract concultancy/test and measurement jobs. I personelly prefer keeping labs open throughout so that anybody can drop in depending on individual schedule. But, participants must be kept on notifying about this. No point in guiding them to industry stalls as far as our future targets are concerned. but of course industry stalls are needed to raise funds for the event.
I appreciate this interactive working environment.
--Sanath Alahakoon
2008-06-09 02:41:56 GMT
Dr. Alahakoon, it is done. Please, check the "Tentative Programme" (which has been modified to accomodate the point you made) and let us know if it is okay now.
2008-06-09 15:46:12 GMT
Please take a look at the tentative programme at the weblink. Time has come to finalise that. Optimising the concerns that have been expressed at the efi2008 committee meetings, I have modifeid the Tentative Programme. Please give your comments on it as soon as you could (Before 24th June) to help me finalise the programme so that the brochure could be made ready for print.

Salient features of the programme:

- Day 1 is ONLY for school students.
- The inauguration or Award ceremony (Janaka is planning to have competition arranged among students on that day) will be OPEN AIR (means it will not be at the EOE which limits the students number to 500)
- Day 2 is for the industrialists and other professionals only.
- Short courses and round-table discussions will run parallel to Dept. activities, lab visits and the likes. This will help bring a lot of industrialists to the faculty on that day.
- The end of 2nd Day will be cultural programme performed by our students. Perhaps, the industrialists would stay on to watch it and have a good time as Dr. Pathirana suggested (We could arrange dinner at 21.00 for those who pays for it, may be). But the head-planner for the cultural programme has to be identified.

2008-06-20 21:48:50 GMT
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